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web02INTRANZ needs you. We are offering the unique opportunity for you to support the INTRANZ concept. There are two ways to do this:

  • Sponsorship.
    Our sponsorship programme enables you to contribute generally to the course or sponsor a specific student.
    • General sponsorship comes with advantages that over time you will be able to watch the development of the student group and identify a high performing student(s) and have first option to employ that person(s).
    • Targeted sponsorship enables you to introduce a student to the school or directly sponsor an individual student as determined by you in terms of the intake and the qualifications and aptitude of the student prior to commencement of the course.
  • Support us with equipment.
    The strategy of the school is to provide a work based experience for the students and we are looking for contributions from the local business community to ensure that the students have access to up to date machinery, approaches and techniques. We are also looking for mentors from within the Wanganui business community.

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INTRANZ Sponsors


INTRANZ 21a Gilberd Street, PO Box 538, Wanganui 4540
For information on Intranz, please contact Dave Ritchie Ph: 06 344 1010 or email: dave@intranz.webquest.co.nz