INTRANZ is not just about providing another course, it’s about starting careers.
web04Course Aim:
To prepare students with the knowledge, skills and right attitude for a successful career in wide range of trades across many different industries. The qualification will provide you with a good grounding in mechanical engineering and good business practices and may be used as the first stage of an apprenticeship or as the basis for pre-trade courses.
What you get:
As well as the National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (Level 2), you will get hands on work experience. You will also get exposure to Lean Manufacturing, which is at the core of the successful businesses who are the foundation of the INTRANZ programme. We will also help you develop the attitudes and work ethics that employers are looking for, which puts you in a better position of getting a great job in the future.
What INTRANZ wants from you:
We are looking for aptitude and the right attitude. At INTRANZ you will be in a work environment from day one. This is not a ‘sit down and learn’ or ‘school’ course, we will be looking for you to be operating as if you were at work, in work hours and in a work environment.

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INTRANZ 21a Gilberd Street, PO Box 538, Wanganui 4540
For information on Intranz, please contact Dave Ritchie Ph: 06 344 1010 or email: dave@intranz.webquest.co.nz